Prakalpa 2018

Prakalpa 2018, provided a fantastic platform for the Faculty of Architecture, to showcase their creativity. The concept for this year’s stall was Indian Architecture and culture.

With this concept the students wanted the visitors to get a glimpse of the classical architecture of Bangalore. The outer facade of the stall was that of a typical Bangalore Colonial bungalow with features such as exposed brick masonry, monkey top trail with  jali windows and pointed canopies. The interior comprised of wooden columns, lotus shaped display rack and a ceiling studded with Indian motifs. The stall demonstrated the students ability to go beyond concepts and abstract ideas to a practically implemented and hands-on approach.

Based on the Indian theme, some of the projects displayed in the stall were a scaled model of Leepakshi temple located in Andra Pradesh, a diced sectional model of the Taj Mahal, several 4’x6′ panels of relief art work displaying the diverse cultures and festivals of India, models and drawings of proposals for primary school spaces for Amaatra Academy, laser cut vases using rhinoceros software, ceramics and portfolio works of students.

The judges enjoyed the experience walking through the stall that displayed a wide range of practical projects that were undertaken by the students.

The Faculty of Architecture won 2 prizes this Prakalpa 2018. The scaled model of Leepakshi temple won the first prize for best project and a consolation prize for Best stall. The enthusiasm of the Dean and faculty along with the creative spirit of the students helped the faculty of Architecture achieve this milestone.

Prakalpa 2018

PRAKALPA 2018, the annual technology fair of PES University that showcased the best projects undertaken by the students of the university. As part of this event a stall was allotted to each department where  students of every branch of the university displayed a wide range of projects conceived and implemented by the students under the expert guidance of the faculty. The day-long event attracted students from various other institutions, parents and general public.