The Faculty of Architecture at PES University believes that the architecture and infrastructure can create an environment of learning, communication and interaction. We encourage intellectual discussions through interconnected spaces and interactive sessions. We provide our student’s with the best equipment, infrastructure and opportunities. The Faculty of Architecture at PES strives to create a stimulating environment by providing exposure to industry professionals, creative workshops, design and build platforms, domestic and international study tours and research and work opportunities.

The Faculty of Architecture at PES offers the following facilities:


Lecture Halls

The Lecture Halls are equipped with AV facilities. These are used for theory sessions and audio-visual presentations.


Design Studios

The Design Studios are equipped with drafting tables and AV Facilities. Each studio has a locker room and a instruction room.


Reprography Room

Reprography Room equipped with a Photocopy Machine, Scanner, Printer, A0 Plotter and A0 Scanner has been provided for students’ convenience.


Computer Lab

The computer lab is equipped with high configuration desktops with the latest software. The lab also includes audio visual facilities and a classroom seating.


Photography Lab

Allied art is an integral part of architectural design education. Through photography, students learn to document landmark structures while also understanding the various elements of design such as light, color, proportions and composition.

1. Flat Bed Scanner – Epson-50000
2. CAMERA – SONY ALPHA – R-711, lENS- 70-200 MM, 24-70 MM
3. PC- Alien ware AURORA R -7- 8th Generation


Climatology Lab

Climatic studies are the basis of good building design. The climatology lab is equipped with digital anemometer, luminometer, sound level meter, temperature/ humidity data logger, UV and solar radiation.


Common Rooms

Common Rooms for girls and boys is provided for student’s to work after classes and use as recreational space.


Clay and Ceramics Studio

The Clay and Ceramics Studio is part of their art exploration to enhance the creative communication skills of the students through material exploration, model making and prototyping.


Permanent Exhibition Area

A permanent exhibition area has been provided to display the works of our students.


Comprehensive Library

Our comprehensive library has been carefully curated to include publications covering a wide range of subjects. Each semester, the Faculty of Architecture updates its library by adding new titles and updating the existing ones with the latest versions. Our student’s have access to online and print journals as part of the library membership.

Library Timings: 8:30am – 1:30pm -lunch break- 2:15pm – 5:00pm


Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Lab is central to our study program because it encourage materialisation of the thought process. It is equipped with state of the art equipment:

• Laser Cutting And Engraving Machine
• Maker Bot 3d Printer
• Desktop Milling Machine
• Dremel 3000 With Tool Bits
• Heat Gun
• Electric Wood Saw
• Bosh Gsb 13re Drill With Drill Bits
• 3d Pen
• Hammers & Screw Drivers
• Cutting Board
• Safety equipment such as Protection Eye Glasses, Gloves, Face Masks