Co-Curricular Activities

Study Tour

“Certainly architecture is concerned with much more than just its physical attributes. It is a many-layered thing. Beneath and beyond the strata of function and structure, materials and texture, lie the deepest and most compulsive layers of all. And these can manifest themselves not only in epic monumental architecture, but in projects of a much smaller, more humble scale as well.” – Charles Correa

Every year, the Faculty of Architecture, conducts a domestic study tour to introduce students to regional architectural styles, cultural diversity and construction techniques. Students are introduced to various aspects of Design Studies including Architectural Documentation, Photography, Art Appreciation, Socio-Cultural Studies, Research Methodologies and so on.

We explore regional and vernacular architecture, contemporary architecture and heritage buildings, chosen for their diverse learning experiences and innovative thought.

International study tours are planned to broaden their horizons and understand diverse architectural identities. They are exposed to vastly different cultures, climates and therefore architectural expressions.

These tours help them visualize spaces, understand scales and develop an appreciation for architectural history by experiencing the monumentality while also understanding the inventiveness in relation to time.

Creative Workshops

We constantly hold creative workshops to enhance the applied skills of our students. Through these, we develop a sense of ownership to their work and encourage them to integrate learning of various subjects towards an output and better understanding of materials, their possibilities and limitations.

We believe in ‘learning through experience’. Every workshop is divided into four stages: Concrete Experience (Hands On), Reflective Observation (Introspection), Analytic Discussion and Idea Generation (based on the experience).



Regular seminars are held with industry professionals. They bring to the table a practical understanding of the industry, a wide range of experiences and the latest construction technologies. Students develop a sense of professionalism and are introduced to professional ethics. The seminars are interactive and immersive.

  • Pottery
  • Clay Modeling
  • Design Thinking
  • Creative Fabrication workshop
  • 3D Printing
  • Terracotta Jewelry Making
  • Fluid Design – 2016, 2017
  • Bamboo Workshop
  • Batik Workshop
  • Yoga
  • Mask Painting workshop
  • Theater workshop