The B. Arch degree at FOA, PES University, satisfies the Council of Architecture’s requirements. The curriculum aims to integrate both academic and professional values and standards specific to the profession of Architecture. The curriculum includes two stages of studies. The first stage is of six semesters and the second stage of four semesters. In the 9th semester, Architectural Design project is undertaken. In the 10th Semester, the students are expected to undergo professional training in an architectural office. The B. Arch program at PES University has a growing team of distinguished faculty members who bring in a wealth of professional experience in addition to having graduated from premier institutes. The architectural faculty consists of full time and visiting faculty. Faculty from allied disciplines of art, humanities, civil engineering and mechanical engineering are also in the team. Thrust is on amalgamation of academic theories and practical knowledge of industry and research.


Architecture graduates will find employment in established architecture firms. They will usually start by assisting more experienced architects before managing projects on their own. After they have gained experience the graduates may start their independent practice, they may pursue higher education and/or they may involve themselves in Academic fields and research. Apart from the above, graduates may pursue interior and spatial design fields as well as allied professions such as interaction, communication or product design, or perhaps other roles within the community and local environment, like town-planning, landscape architecture, retrofitting or even sustainable design.

There are some specialized areas that could also be of interest to those with a passion for the environment and history-such as conservation of historic buildings and places. If one has the flair to write about architecture and design, cover events for magazines and websites, related to this domain they can specialize in Architectural Journalism. Within the broadcasting industry, production designers in the film and TV industry need people who can visualize and produce sets and realistic locations. Architecture graduates could fulfill that brief too. These are just to name a few and the possibilities are numerous.